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Please join me on a year-long journey of spiritual transformation with my 365-day email course on living in the Divine Will! Through this course, we'll explore the lessons of Jesus and Mary to Luisa Piccarreta and learn how to implement the Divine Will into our daily lives.

Living in the Divine Will promises to be an experience like none other, as it has the power to rebuild God's plan for humanity (which was lost due to the Fall of Adam), thereby restoring order to the entire world, of which we are the stewards. This gift–the greatest gift to mankind since Pentecost!–has been authenticated and approved by the Catholic Church, and Saint Hannibal di Francia (Luisa's confessor) considered it to be of paramount importance.

Here's a brief quote from Luisa's writings that speaks to the power and value of living in the Divine Will. Jesus says:

“I bless these writings from the heart. I bless each word; I bless the effects and the value they contain. These writings are part of Myself.

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The Divine Appeal

Jesus the Divine King, along with his Father and the Holy Spirit appeal to mankind to enter into the Kingdom of the Divine Will

[God the Father reveals:] "My dear and beloved children, I come among you with My Heart consumed entirely with flames of love. I come as a Father to be with My children, for I love You so very much. My love is so great that I come to remain with you so that we may live together with one single Will and with one single love."

[God the Son reveals:] "As I come to you, I come bearing My pains, My Blood, My works and even My very death. Look at Me: Each drop of My Blood, each one of My sorrows, steps and indeed all of My acts compete with each other for love of you, as they seek to bestow upon you My Divine Will. Even My death seeks to beget anew the life of My Will in you. I have prepared everything for you in My humanity, and I have implored and obtained graces, assistance, light and strength for you to receive such a great gift. On My part I have done everything; now I am waiting for you to do your part. Who would be so ungrateful as to turn Me away and not welcome this gift I am bringing to you? Know that My love is so great that I will forget about your past life, including your sins and all your evil deeds, and I will bury them in the ocean of My love which will burn them all away. In this way we will begin a new life together, entirely of My Will.

Who would have the heart to refuse Me and send Me away without accepting this visit of Mine, so replete with a Father's love? If you welcome Me, I will remain with you as a Father' with his children. So we must be in the greatest accord and live together with one single Will. Oh, how I yearn for this! How I moan and weep, even to the point of delirium', for I want My dearest children to gather around Me and live with My very own Will.

It has been almost six thousand years that My humanity - desiring that My children come back and live together with Me - has offered up many sighs and shed many bitter tears. I desire to have My children around Me; I want to make them holy and happy again. But I weep time and again as I call to them to return to Me. Who would not be moved to compassion over My tears and love which go so far as to stifle My breath, even to the point of choking Me? Among sighs and agonies of love, I go about repeating:

'My children, where are you? Why don't you return to your Father? Why do you leave Me? Why do you want to wander about poor and filled with so much misery? Your poor condition creates wounds in My Heart. I am weary from waiting for you.'

And since you do not return to Me, I come in search of you, for I can no longer contain the love that consumes Me. I come bringing to you the great gift of My Will and oh, I entreat you, I plead with you to have pity on My many tears and ardent sighs!"

[God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit reveal:] "I come to you not only as a Father, but also as a Teacher among his disciples. I desire that you listen to what I reveal, as I will be teaching you surprising things, lessons of heaven that will contain light that shall never be extinguished and a blazing love that shall endure forever. My lessons will give you a divine strength, heroic courage and a holiness that continuously increases. These lessons will light the way for your steps and guide you along the way to your heavenly homeland.

I come as a King to live with his people, but not for the purpose of levying taxes and heaping burdens upon you - not a all! I come because I want your will, your misery, your weakness and all of your evils. My sovereignty consists precisely in this: I want everything that distresses you and causes you to be unhappy and restless, so that I may conceal it within My love and burn all of it away. As a beneficent, peaceful and magnanimous King I wish to exchange My Will with yours and fill you with My most tender love, with My riches and happiness, with My peace and My purest joy."

[God the Son reveals:] "If you will give Me your will, all will be done just as I have said; you will make Me happy and you will also be happy. I long for nothing else than for My Will to reign in you. Heaven and earth will be smiling at you. My Heavenly Mother will be a mother and a Queen to you; she knows the great good that the Kingdom of My Will shall bring about in you. In order to satisfy My ardent sighs and put an end to my weeping, she will love you as her true children by traveling to people throughout the world to dispose and prepare them to receive the dominion of the Kingdom of My Will. She was the one who prepared mankind for Me so that I could descend from heaven to earth. And now I am entrusting to her - to her maternal love - the task of disposing souls to receive such a great gift.

So please listen closely to what I wish to tell you. I beg you, My children, to read very attentively these pages that I have set before you. If you will do this, you will acquire the desire to live in My Will, and I will be standing right beside you when you read, touching your mind and your heart, so that you may understand what you read and truly desire the gift of My Divine 'Fiat.'"

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The writings of Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta have been universally approved by the Catholic Church. Luisa's confessor, Saint Hannibal di Francia, commanded her to write these revelations down, and made it the sole focus of his work until his death to promote and spread the gift of Living in the Divine Will, which he believed to be of paramount importance. Rev. Joseph Leo Iannuzzi's doctoral dissertation of the Gregorian Pontifical University, approved by the Holy See, explains how Luisa's writings are perfectly harmonious with Catholic doctrine. Furthermore, the Church has approved an order of Benedictines who's charism is living in the Divine Will according to Luisa Piccarreta. Therefore, it can be without a shred of doubt that these revelations are of Divine origin and immense importance for us in these times.