The day I realized that the Catholic Church is the one and only true Church founded by Jesus was at the age of eleven.

I was finally home.

Up to this point, our family had jumped from one Protestant denomination to another, until finally we ended up at a small Maronite mission in the southwest. That was my first exposure to the Catechism, and it was unlike anything I had ever read before!

These teachings were far deeper and far more beautiful than anything I'd been taught in any Sunday school class.

I knew, deep within my soul, that this was the truth.


Years later, from lukewarmness, I had fallen out of the habit of praying every day.

I had become a "spiritual sloth," and I didn't even know it.

I still thought of myself as a devout Catholic. But if I wasn't spending much time with Him except on Sundays, how could I say that I really loved God?

Because of this lack of prayer, I found myself doubting some of the teachings of the Church. In my arrogance, I thought I knew better.

Well, God had an interesting way of getting my attention. First, I came across a YouTube video of an exorcist priest talking about Harry Potter. I always thought there was something sinister about those books, but couldn't exactly put my finger on it. This video explained why that is so, along with real life examples from the priest's ministry as an exorcist. Needless to say, I really enjoyed the video and I was curious to learn more from this fascinating priest.

Pretty soon, I was binge watching Father Chad Ripperger conferences on the Sensus Fidelium channel, taking note of everything he said to do. Father's advise always comes straight from the saints–especially St. Thomas Aquinas–and I just wanted to soak up all these teachings and try my best to implement them in my life.

What really woke me up, though, was his series of talks about "Our Times". Here he describes Our Lady's warnings (in Church approved apparitions) that a great chastisement from God is coming, and what we can do to prepare. The reality hit me in that moment, and the scales were lifted from my eyes: I had been so focused on material things, I had given little care to my soul!

Shaken with fear, I resolved to work harder on my spiritual life. Now, I am no longer afraid because I know that as long as I am living in God's Will I have nothing to fear. But, that initial fear was the catalyst I needed to change my life.

Shortly after that I turned to St. Joseph for help– the smartest decision I ever made!

I found an old St. Joseph novena by Fr. Lallemant (1587-1633), which doesn't prescribe any particular prayers, except that you are supposed to "visit" with St. Joseph four times each day. Not knowing much about his life and having very little material to meditate on, I felt the need to learn more.

So, I started looking for mystical revelations about St. Joseph and discovered the writings of Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich (1774-1824), an Augustinian nun, stigmatic, mystic, visionary and ecstatic. What I learned from her blew me away! Never before had I even remotely comprehended the extent of St. Joseph's humility and purity, far surpassing all the saints except for Mary herself.

After finishing this first novena, a friend suggested that I do a second novena to place myself under the protection of his holy cloak– what a powerful novena! St. Joseph must have been directing me to his most holy spouse, because soon I also came across Venerable Mary of Agreda (1602-1665), another visionary, who received revelations from the Blessed Virgin herself. Her book, The Mystical City of God, gave me a whole new understanding of what it means to be humble.

The Virgin Mary is simultaneously the greatest creature and the most humble of all creation! If Mary was so humble, how much more so ought I to be, who am infinitely lower? Ultimately, I will never be able to imitate her perfectly, but I know that I need to at least try my best.

I'm launching Humble Housewives today to encourage other moms in prayer and the imitation of Mary.

If you're anything like me, you may be feeling tired and overwhelmed by the thought of adding "one more thing" to your daily schedule. But what I've discovered is that Mary's life holds the solution to every difficulty. We have only to imitate her in order to become truly happy and fulfilled in life... that is, the women God created us to be.

Contrary to what society tells us about so-called "equality" for women, Mary knew the true value of staying at home to cook and clean and take care of your family. Mary wholeheartedly embraced poverty and suffering. Mary is THE Humble Housewife.

I'm no expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I'll share some advise from the saints, with perhaps a few anecdotes here and there from my own personal experience. All I really want to do is to show other moms that if someone like me can learn to pray and strive to imitate Our Lady, then they can too!

If you find this website helpful, please say a Hail Mary for me and share this with someone you know. Thank you and God bless you!

–Mary Fernandez



I am just an ordinary mom, and my writings do not have any Church oversight. Please do your own research and take everything I've written with a grain of salt. We are living in very confusing times with "cardinals against cardinals and bishops against bishops," (warned Our Lady of Akita) where "even the elect" can be decieved (Matt 24:24). Although I always try to carefully discern the inspirations of the Holy Spirit before publishing a post, I am not infallible and am bound to be in error on some things. What we can be sure of, however, is that the Sacred Magisterium is true, and the Holy Scriptures are true. So study your Bible and your Catechism, and hold fast to the truth!

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