Marie-Julie Jahenny & October 2023?

Oct 05, 2023
Marie-Julie Jahenny & October 2023

Wondering why everyone is talking about October 2023? Private revelations from over 100 years ago could point to this month as the "first chapter" of the tribulation, says Xavier Reyes-Ayral. In this post, we'll share what his research reveals about October 2023.

Xavier Reyes-Ayral, author of "Revelations: The Hidden Secret Messages and Prophecies of the Blessed Virgin Mary," believes that this month we could see the "first chapter" of the tribulation, as foretold in the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the Holy Scriptures. I listened to his recent podcast with great interest, and took notes of the main points. You can watch the entire podcast or read my notes below.

My Notes on Xavier Reyes-Ayral's Interview from September 27, 2023

The overall message of the Virgin Mary through her approved apparitions is a message of hope, for at the end the Virgin has promised the Triumph of her Immaculate Heart and the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ.

October of this year may be the first chapter of the tribulation as foretold at Fatima, La Salette, La Fraudais, Tilly, Garabandal, Akita, etc.

Father Michel Rodrigue (who was the subject of controversy but who's name has been recently cleared and has not been condemned by his local bishop whatsoever), has had a message that October will be the beginning of the tribulation and the faithful are advised to be prudent in their travels. Avoid traveling by air; opt to travel by motor cars or trains.

Father Oliveira has had the same message about October. Additionally, he was told that there would be some sort of sign during this month worldwide.

The above mentioned messengers were told that October would see the war in Ukraine deteriorate and spread. They say that Russia will retaliate, there will be a surprise against the Ukrainians, and Ukrain will finally be forced to withdraw. The war will spread through other theaters in the European continent. Father Rodrigue additionally was very shook up after having a vision of nuclear destruction (albeit, not necessarily during the month of October). 

So, October may be the beginning of the tribulation. But what will the tribulation entail? At La Salette (which boasts the full and highest possible approval of the Church), the Virgin Mary told the two young children that the Church will appear to fall. The seat of Peter, for a very brief period of time, will be occupied by an antichrist. The church in Rome will "lose the Faith" for a brief period of time, but it will resurrect, very much like the Passion of Our Lord.

As the Catechism of the Church states, the Church will have to echo and reflect the Passion of Jesus Christ, going through Via Crucis and Golgatha and the Burial, but then there will be a rebirth of the Roman Catholic Church. The Church will never be overcome by the powers of hell, but the Church is not just Rome or the hierarchy in the Vatican but the Church is you and I. So the Church will be eclipsed, but merely eclipsed for a very brief period of time.

There will be a third world war that will see the destruction of Paris and the destruction of three cities, one of which will be the city of Marseilles, which will sink in the Mediterranean Sea. However, heaven will call a man that will be entrusted with a mission of restituting the Kingdom of France and the proper Papacy and the proper hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church. This man will be none of than the son of "the King and Queen Martyr of France," the most Christian majesties, King Luis the 16th and Marie Antoinette. According to La Salette, Tilly and Marie-Julie Jahenny (French stigmatist, informally approved in a letter by his Excellency Bishop Fier on June 6th 1876), this man will indeed be descended from the male line of these two monarchs. This future king will be called "Henry the 5th of the Cross." His mission will be to receive a messenger who will come to search for him and take him to France when part of France will already be invaded, for a coalition of Russian and Muslim troops that will disembark in south of Italy, south of France, Costa del Sol in Spain [and one other place I couldn't understand].

During this conventional and tactical nuclear war, this French monarch will be just a prince (until the liberation of the city of France). France will be only partly invaded through a blitzkreig of swords. According to Marie-Julie Jahenny, this eastern force will sweep away an army that will have given already all of its weapon and ammunitions to a country in disarray (one can only think of Ukraine). The NATO forces will be wiped away until the Russians manage to reach the Rhine River. At that moment, the Muslim coalition will disembark in southern Europe. Europe will not be prepared, and neither will the NATO forces. This was also foretold by a priest [who's name I can't understand] who died through a mysterious car accident in the 1960s.

During this invasion, according to Marie-Julie Jahenny, the Russians will pause ever so momentarily in the Rhine River, and then we'll throw the dice. Because in France there is, besides the Americans, two other nuclear powers: France, with the largest of the two nuclear arsenals, and England. The Russians knew that France has always had a politic of dissuasion– whomever steps on French soil without permission will feel the retaliation of a nuclear strike. The Russians will also cross Austria, Northern Italy, and will race to reach Rome before the Muslims do. The Russians will win and will plant their flag on top of the Dome of Rome. This was also foreseen by the mystic Anne Catherine Emmerich.

Having spoken to a retired French General about this scenario, this is quite realistic today. If countries like France, Germany and England were to fight a conventional war of the likes that we are witnessing today in Ukraine, France would not be able to resist more than 11 days simply because of lack of ammunition. Germany nine, England eight, because of lack of ammunition. Furthermore, the Virgin Mary explained to Marie-Julie Jahenny that during this war this would be a chastisement that would be manmade, but that America (the United States) would not be able to come to the rescue of its European allies. This retired general explained to me there could be two reasons for this: either the U.S. would be struck very severely through a military attack of swords or natural disasters, or it could be that the U.S. would be involved in another theater of confrontation that would mobilize all of its resources. Could it be China?

According to prophecy, this man of Providence will come and will push back the Russians on the Eastern side of the Rhine after the Russians and the Muslims have committed tremendous ravage on France. The King of Spain will also mobilize his force and throw the Muslims out of Andalucia and Costa del Sol. The King of Spain will recognize the French King as his cousin and will send a smaller force to his aid and will start an invasion and a campaign in Italy which will last for three years to liberate Italy and to replace or place again a holy pontiff on the seat of Peter. This war will end up a success.

But in the meantime, before the arrival and the liberation of Rome and the reinstallation of a proper "Angelic Pope" in Rome, there will be a chastisement of God that will follow upon the earth. After, there will be a sign in places such as Pine Hill in Garbandal and other places as well that will be visible by all but not touchable and not destructible nor movable. Then, if humanity does not convert, there will be chastisements of the like have never been seen. Particularly the spreading of various diseases and pandemics, one in particular that human science will have no answer for: it will be called "the burning plague." This plague will be extraordinarily contagious, airborne, and will claim millions of victims throughout the globe. No medical institution will be able to find a cure for it. However, from Marie-Julie Jahenny, the Blessed Virgin Mary has given a remedy which must be taken in faith. It is the leaf of the Hawthorn. To prepare this remedy, put the leaves of the Hawthorn in a bot of boiling water and cover them for 14 minutes. Then you can filter the infusion through a coffee filter or some sort of filter and you are to consume it or apply it three times a day until all the symptoms disappear. If taken too late, it will not save the victim but will simply help eradicate the pain until the person passes away in peace. This is one amongst many other remedies which have been brought forth by the Virgin Mary to Marie-Julie Jahenny. 

Furthermore, one day her (Marie-Julie Jahenny's) body will be exhumed and found incorrupt and with a beating heart.

Then, Rome will be liberated, an Angelic Pope will be placed on the seat of Peter, the Church will be restored to the glory of yesteryears, and then the last chastisement will seal all this period through what is called the "three days of darkness," which as well has been foretold by Saint Padre Pio through two correspondences he wrote to the Vatican in response to an inquiry that was made about it. 

My Conclusion

There is more to the podcast, but unfortunately that is all I have time for. In short, it is time to pray for the conversion of humanity and the mitigation of the third world war. It is also a good time to prepare our homes with the remedies prescribed by heaven for the times which are still ahead of us.

Most importantly, it is the time to work all the harder on our interior lives, getting rid of all of our vices and growing in all the virtues, so that everything that happens will be easy for us. As Our Lord said to Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta, virtue is EASY for those who MOVE. Meaning: keep moving forward in the spiritual life, don't stop! Go to daily Mass if possible, receive the sacraments as often as you can, and strive to love God all the more so that you can gladly suffer for Him.

Let us strive to say, as St Therese of Lisieux said while dying from tuberculosis: "I have reached the point of not being able to suffer any more, because all suffering is sweet to me."

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