5 Books the Devil Doesn't Want You to Read

saints & mystics May 08, 2020

Looking for spiritual reading? The best spiritual books are the ones most viciously attacked by the devil. Here are 5 books the devil doesn't want you to read.

A series of exorcisms of a Swiss woman from August 14, 1975 to March 30, 1976 are recorded in a book entitled, Warnings from Beyond: Warnings from the Other World to the Contemporary Church. This text is fascinating, because two of the spirits possessing the woman admit which books they hate down in Hell.

The two spirits are Judas Iscariot (according to exorcists, especially evil souls of the damned are allowed to possess people) and Beelzebub (a demon, fallen from the angelic Choir of Seraphim).

Now, I'm not going to recommend that you believe everything these demons and the souls of the damned say. Obviously, Satan and his minions are a pack of liars.

However, exorcist priests say that after giving the demons a "beating" and putting them under great duress, they are forced to admit to things that they wouldn't under normal circumstances.

For example, from what I understand, the exorcist makes the demon give his name and the reason why he was damned as a sign that he is really leaving the person.

At times, the Virgin Mary herself will intervene in an exorcism, which causes the demons unimaginable pain. This appears to have happened in some of these Swiss exorcisms.

(See Father Chad Ripperger's talks for more information about the nature of demons and exorcisms.)

The Best Books in Existence?

Back to the book recommendations. It's important to note that the books these guys in Hell say they're working hard to suppress are all fully approved by the Catholic Church as being free from any doctrinal error. So there is no danger in reading these books!

It's also noteworthy that these books and their authors have been viciously slandered, and today they're all but forgotten. Most people (even Catholics), sadly have not even heard of them, much less read them. Some of the authors have been in the process of being canonized as saints for hundreds of years but have not yet been canonized.

It really does seem as though the devil is doing everything in his power to prevent people from reading these books.

So (with a big smile on my face), I'm going to heartily recommend them to you now!

Here are 5 books the devil doesn't want you to read, along with relevant excerpts from Warnings from Beyond (Imprimatur: + Archbishop Stanley Monaghan. Necedah, Wisconsin, January 4, 2003 A.D. Nihil obstat: Rev. Mr. John R. Walsh, B.A. St. John's Seminary; Boston, Massachusetts).


J = Judas Iscariot

B = Beelzebub

E = Exorcist

1. The Imitation of Christ by Thomas à Kempis

Excerpt from Warnings from Beyond about The Imitation of Christ:

J: The book, “The Imitation of Christ”, would provide food, nourishment and bread for humanity. But it has been thrown out as have all the best books in existence.

Where to Get The Imitation of Christ:

Download The Imitation of Christ here (PDF).

Purchase The Imitation of Christ (Kindle, Hardcover or Paperback) here.

2. Life of Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich

Excerpt from Warnings from Beyond about The Life of Anne Catherine Emmerich:

B: On the subject of the beginnings of the Church, I have to repeat that the Gospels contain very little about the Blessed Virgin. But later, great saints were inspired by Heaven, or received in visions and revelations, enlightenments on the life and work of Her up there (he points upward).

One of the greatest among these is Catherine Emmerich who has not even been canonized yet! (Laugh of evil joy.) She is one of the greatest of Heaven's Saints. ...

B: ...Catherine Emmerich, this fawning expiator. She was always lying on her back because she was torn by pain and suffering. She didn't have much to say during her lifetime, and yet when she died, all Dulmen was ablaze. When everyone from the district came running with fire-pumps, it should have been seen as a sign from Heaven...but men are fools, men are crazy fools. What do men know? They know nothing...they are blockheads, fools to the tips of their toes...

E: In the name..., tell the truth!

B: Even a block of wood is more intelligent. Here and there, it produces a little green leaf. But men can produce, nothing but filth and chaff.

E: Continue, tell the truth, in the name... of the Immaculate Conception, in the name of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, of Saint Michael the Archangel!

B: This Catherine Emmerich had to speak for the Church. She made prophecies about the Church and prayed and suffered continually for the Church. She was suffering right from the time she was quite a small child. We used to get in such a rage against her. Even as a small child, she used to toddle around (making the Way of the Cross) and she used to imitate to the letter, the humility of That Woman up there...Ah! and the cross too, the cross, just like That Woman up there.

She was a great Saint. We had a great fear of her, which is why we wanted to destroy her, but we were never successful. She always survived, so that she might suffer mortal illnesses for others, in order that they might receive the grace of conversion. She died only when Those up there (he points upward) truly wished it, so that they could take her venerable, her holy soul...it was a holy soul...to Heaven.

There are many Saints in Heaven – I mean those Saints canonized by Rome – who are less holy and less great than she. Ah! How I was forced to say that!

E: Yes, continue to tell the truth, in the name...!

B: We considered that if she were canonized her books would be known. As long as she is not canonized, her books will not be so well received. That is also why the bishops don't want to hear about it. Perhaps one can be found who reads her, but that is of no consequence.

I have to say this yet once again she is a powerful Saint in Heaven (he weeps). Her books should have been distributed to the four corners of the world a long time ago. You must proclaim it from the height of the pulpits. But now, I am saying nothing more, nothing more! (He whimpers like a dog.)

E: Speak in the name..., in the name of the Immaculate Conception, of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary and Saint Michael the Archangel, you must speak now!

B: Among her books it is particularly the volume “Life and Death of the Venerable Catherine Emmerich” which should be distributed among the people. These books should be strapped to the backs of children so that, they learn to walk with the cross which the Lord puts on their path. At the age of four years, this little Saint used to go, even at night, to make the Way of the Cross, with her small feet wounded and covered with blood, in honor of her crucified King. In the morning her mother used to have to bandage her feet. She did not know where she had been. The little one said nothing (he weeps).

Catherine was a great suffering soul. It used to be very cold in her room. She accepted this as part of her poverty. Even when her sheets were frozen stiff and she was shaking with fever in this coldness, she did not ask for them to be changed. She wanted to bear her Passion and to offer it up humbly. Where are such souls still seen? Some compassionate nuns then changed the sheets for her. Catherine had not even complained; she would rather be dead from the cold. She endured everything for her crucified Lord. What she did for Him is beyond imagining. She is a powerful Saint whom we have always feared. These people who renounce self and voluntarily follow their Way of the Cross, and suffer patiently for others, are very annoying for us. There are some great Saints, who perform many miracles and who are very great in the eyes of the Lord and who can even read into people's consciences – which, you must understand, she also did – but I am talking about those who do it very much more publicly, so much so that they attract the attention of millions, or at least thousands, of people. They are certainly great Saints also, but many, many of them cannot and do not equal her. She was a suffering, hidden, ardent soul of God. God has especially loved and glorified her and that is why He would like her to be canonized.

Where to Get The Life of Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich:

Purchase The Life of Anne Catherine Emmerich by Carl E. Schmöger (1885) here.

Read a shorter biography of Anne Catherine Emmerich online here.

3. The Visions of Anne Catherine Emmerich

Excerpt from Warnings from Beyond about The Visions of Anne Catherine Emmerich:

B: It is not just now, but a long time ago that she [Anne Catherine Emmerich] should have been canonized. It is essential that you inform people about her books and her numerous visions and revelations. It is essential that you do this through love of the bitter Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Also, she wishes it and God Himself, Jesus, wishes it. Of these books, you should give prominence to “The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ”. This book too, should not be lacking in any family, above all in any family which calls itself Catholic (he sighs). But now, I don't want to speak any more!

E: Yes, you must! In the name of the Father... in the name of the Immaculate, in the name of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, of Saint Michael the Archangel, of all the Holy Angels, you have to speak now, Beelzebub!

B: Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin have given and allowed these great visions and revelations to these two great Saints, to this Mary of Jesus and this Catherine Emmerich, so that they would come to the knowledge of the faithful. They should accept them in their hearts, follow them, and tell others about them. This isn't bunkum, it is a treasure, a great thing which the Blessed Virgin foretold the Apostles in the past: “God will provide, Heaven will provide that my name, at the desired time, at the desired time... (he whines like a dog)...

E: Tell the truth, in the name...!

B: ...will yet be glorified and placed in the light, and what should be revealed about me will be revealed at it's proper time”. Now, it is high time. Now we are already in the midst of the Apocalypse. And She (he points upward) is the Great Sign. That is why people must read these books, because it is in Emmerich, and more particularly in Mary of Jesus, that the Apocalypse, the Great Sign, the Virgin Mary are considered,

E: Continue to tell the truth, say what you have to say on behalf of the Blessed Virgin, the Immaculate, Saint Michael the Archangel and all the Holy Angels and Archangels!

B: If they were to read these books (he emits plaintive sounds), they would soon understand that the hour has come. They would understand a great part of the Apocalypse and what is written about in the Bible. What fools you are! What super-fools men are! They allow such great treasures to get lost, squandered or neglected! (Noisy laugh of wicked joy.)

E: Tell the truth, in the name...!

B: They allow these precious treasures of infinite value to stagnate and remain hidden. And what ought to stay hidden, they publish and display in bold type (sarcastic laugh) such as, for example, bibles which are no longer bibles and lives of saints which contain absolutely nothing of a religious nature. This kind of work is guided more from down below than from on high (sneering laughter). They are all the work of “village idiots” Even a donkey or a horse is much more intelligent – it has some idea of what its master wants. But down here, on earth, they have no idea; it is only when it is far too late that they realize that there could still be something that ought to be done differently.

Ah! For us, those texts of Emmerich and Agreda are accursed books which we have feared for a long time and will fear forever. We, down there, pondered for I don't know how long to see what we could do to oppose them... and men don't even read them (sarcastic laugh). Even those who call themselves good Catholics do not have them in their homes! (Prolonged, sneering laughter.)

E: Tell the truth, in the name... of the Immaculate, of the most Blessed Virgin, Saint Michael the Archangel, Saint Joseph and all the Choirs of Blessed Spirits!

B: You should expound this to the world: All priests, all “traditionalists” and even the modernists, should proclaim from the height of the pulpits, that these books should be disseminated everywhere, as quickly as possible so that they might be read. If they were read and their contents followed, be it only in an approximate sort of a way, there would be a great number of saints (terrible howling).

E: Continue, in the name of the Most Holy Trinity!

B: For Emmerich had visions of the dolorous Passion of Jesus so that it could be known in a closer and deeper way, because the Gospels have recorded only fragments of it. Although the Apostles knew more about it, their accounts are very summarized.

In the visions of this great Saint, there are some condensed and summarized accounts which are frightfully drawn out as far as we are concerned. One can learn from them, for example, how to have a good contrition - which plays the main part in confession. One can also learn how not to offend the Lord so much any more - the Lord Who suffered so much. His sufferings are described there in a more profound way than in any other hook (he growls).

They should be displayed prominently on the shelves of all libraries, at all events, all Catholic libraries. They should be there in plentiful supply, not just a single copy.

Where to Get The Visions of Anne Catherine Emmerich:

Read the Complete Visions of Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich online and download in PDF format here.

Purchase the Complete Visions of Anne Catherine Emmerich (Kindle Edition) here.

Purchase All Anne Catherine Emmerich Volumes (Hardback) here.

Download The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ here (PDF). 

Read The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ online here.

4. The Mystical City of God by Venerable Mary of Agreda

Excerpt from Warnings from Beyond about The Mystical City of God by Ven. Mary of Agreda:

B: And the second one [of the great saints who received revelations on the life and work of the Blessed Virgin Mary] is Mary of Jesus, from the town of Agreda. She lived in Agreda. She was an abbess. Her parents had previously retired to a convent (snarling)...they had made a vow to enter a convent. They obtained for their daughter, their favorite child, the grace of having these accursed visions.

E: Speak now, in the name... speak now about this central point that you announced!

Because the Gospels contain much too little about the Blessed Virgin, she wishes that now, particularly in the this time of confusion, reading the books of this Mary of Jesus of Agreda be recommended from the height of the pulpit.

No Catholic family should be without them. They should have all the volumes (terrible cry). Originally, there was one volume; now there are, to be strictly accurate, four blue volumes, and eight volumes in the edition with red binding (snarling).

E: Continue to speak, in the name of the Most Holy Trinity... in the name of the Immaculate Conception; you must speak, by her order!

B: So she wants the priests to say in their sermons that these books should not be lacking in any Catholic family and that they should even be recommended to Protestants. When the readers have become acquainted with all the richness of these books, it will not be long before they understand what a...

R: Continue, in the name of the Most Holy Trinity!

B: ...what a chosen and predestined creature she is, a creature of such grandeur as could never be attained by man, neither in deeds nor in thoughts. The priests should lot the people know that these books, which are so instructive, should be distributed throughout the entire world and everyone should read them straight away. You will also learn from them about our disaster in all its extent and totality, and about the grandeur and dignity of this creature (his teeth are chattering), who crushes our heads.

E: You must speak, in the name... of the Immaculate Conception, on this Octave of the Annunciation, you must now speak, Beelzebub, and also in the name of Saint Michael the Archangel!

B: She wishes (he utters a dreadful cry)...I am speaking against my will, against my will (he roars). For all that, I still cannot withstand That Woman from up there (he points upward) if I have to withstand what the Old One (Lucifer) wants. I do not wish to speak.

E: But you must speak now, in the name..., in the name of the Immaculate Conception, in the name of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin, in the name of Saint Michael the Archangel, for the Church!

B: Besides, it isn't our job, it isn't our business. Our mission is to lead men astray. We do not want to direct them along the best roads. Through these books, men would indeed be rushing headlong along the best roads (he cries).

E: Continue! You must speak, in the name of the Immaculate Conception, in the name of Our Lady of Mount Carmel! You have no right to lie, continue!

B: Well in these books, you will learn what the Blessed Virgin has done in her life and death, and indeed before. These books are a reliable source from which to gain knowledge of God's eternal plans, as far as man can know them, and are worthy of belief. In these books, the faithful will see the full details and the outcome of everything.

E: Continue to tell the truth, in the name...!

B: They will see in That Woman (he points upward) a universal creature. They should bow down before so much humility and dignity. We ourselves fear her; we have to surrender before such humility and such dignity... Then how much more should creatures like you men, filthy muck that you are! You're not worth a red cent! We were far superior to you men...and how much more so is She (he points upward).

E: In the name... continue!

B: If you saw only a tenth of her dignity, you would immediately grovel in the dust – but I am saying that against my will. We have seen her, we were forced to see her, we had to. We don't want you to see her. We would rather you hurl yourselves down, and not up. Some of those educated men, actually those academics, should have been told about this Mary of Jesus of Agreda before they joined up with priests in opposition to the “Traditionalists”.

E: Tell the truth now, in the name...!

B: Even the “Traditionalists” (no matter what their method of approach are a long way, a terribly long way, from being able to capture such dignity, even if they read these books. But you must read them, in the name of God. Neither you nor laymen can pass them by any longer. You priests must announce it to the people. I have to say it once more: You must proclaim it from the height of the pulpits. That Woman up there wishes these books to be carried to the four corners of the world.


J: Catherine Emmerich and Mary of Agreda have the advantage of presenting Christ's life before the eyes of men in a very impressive manner and showing them the extraordinary poverty in which Jesus Christ, the Blessed Virgin and Saint Joseph had to live. If men took that to heart, they would not become men of money, as they are becoming, and they would not let themselves get so puffed up with pride. They would realize that the only things blessed by Heaven are humility, the virtues, works of mercy – as they are so correctly called – the perfect imitation of Christ and His offering of Himself to the One on High (he mutters).


B: I, Beelzebub, must say once again, that the revelations of Saint John's Apocalypse, as they are written down in the Bible, are poorly understood by the majority of people, because they are written in mysterious language. To understand them better, they should consult the books of Mary of Jesus, of Agreda. There, many things concerning these revelations are explained clearly. These are now the last times, which is why all the faithful should take these books in their hand and follow them. Then they would be better informed about every thing.

Where to Get The Mystical City of God:

Download The Mystical City of God here (PDF).

Read The Mystical City of God online here.

Purchase The Mystical City of God (Kindle) here.

Purchase The Mystical City of God (Hardbacks) here.

5. True Devotion to Mary by St. Louis de Montfort

Excerpt from Warnings from Beyond about True Devotion to Mary by St. Louis de Montfort:

B: I must also say how valuable those rotten pictures are with their prayers....The pictures w  hich are accompanied by promises have a particularly great valu  e.

...The devotion to the Sacred Heart is written in pretty small letters nowadays. There also, important promises are attached. The same thing app  lies to devotion to the Immacu  late Heart of Mary. The perfect devotion as practiced by Saint   Grignion (Louis)   de   Montfort, has also fallen into oblivion to a v  ery large degree.


B: It should be proclaimed from the height of the pulpits that it would be better to devote one's time to imitating Christ, rather than to gaining doctorates.

There must be some of those, it is true. But for the majority, it would be better if they did not study philosophy or mathematics or theology, etc. For many, it would be better to spend half their nights in prayer and invoking the Holy Spirit; to live the true imitation of Christ and the Marian doctrine of Saint Grignion de Montfort, for example: putting their trust completely in the Blessed Virgin, in her Most Pure Heart and in the Sacred Heart of Jesus; to look towards the Cross and do exactly what Those up there wish (he points upward). That would be better than toiling and studying for hours, simply to make an impression before the world... How I have been forced to say that (he shouts!) How I have been forced to say that!

Where to Get True Devotion to Mary:

Download True Devotion to Mary (PDF) here.

Purchase True Devotion to Mary (Paperback) here.

Purchase True Devotion to Mary Kindle Edition here.


Reading the text from these exorcisms, it's quite clear that–at all costs–the devil wants to keep us from meditating on the following two mysteries:

1. The Passion of Jesus Christ

2. The life of the Blessed Virgin Mary

He knows that if we understood these mysteries and made efforts to imitate Jesus and Mary, even in some small way, then many would become saints.

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