of Light, the few who can see.

–Our Lady of La Salette, 1846

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of Light, the few who can see.

–Our Lady of La Salette, 1846

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Find Joy & Light in Prayer

Ready to bring more joy and light into your life? My prayer book, Prayers for Children of the Light, contains a regimen prescribed by heaven for our times.

Through the beautiful prayers curated from the Mystics of the Church and Sacred Tradition, you'll develop a deeper relationship with the Holy Trinity, gain a better understanding of God's love, and call upon Mary and the Saints in your spiritual journey.

So let's fight as prayer warriors, bringing our light, who is Christ, to a world of darkness. Click below to grab your copy today and start finding joy and light with prayer.


"I can't say enough about this beautiful book. I use it every single day, multiple times a day. It is a treasure and I am so grateful to have!!!! Thank you so much."


"Wow, Mary has done a lot of wonderful work and has really set us up for organized prayer and devotion. This book is a great spiritual tool which contains a wealth of fantastic items. Everyone needs to get one of these books for each of their family members."


"This is an absolutely unique and precious prayer book. It really has absolutely everything you need. The chosen prayers are just beautiful, some familiar to me and others refreshingly new. I am so happy to have this!"


"Super excellent, and more wonderful than I thought it would be- This is a treasure!"


"Wow, just wow. This book is a treasure trove. It is exactly what I have been looking for for years. This book needs to be mass produced."


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As a busy mom of 5, I've discovered that the Blessed Mother's life holds the solution to every difficulty.

We have only to imitate her in order to become truly happy and fulfilled in life. That is, the women (and men) that God created us to be.

I launched Humble Housewives to encourage other moms (and dads) in prayer and the imitation of Holy Mary.

Read the blog, get the prayer book, check out my Etsy shop, and make sure to join our prayer army so that we can all pray for each other.

"Thank you for the many posts you share in your blog. I really appreciate it and learn so much from it."

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"I am praying the Memoare for the members of your association each day. I also read the visions you post each week of the life of Mary and was very blessed, they were intense!"

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"I asked for your prayers a couple of months ago... it was one of those moments where we pass through some kind of darkness, even my wife said she could feel it. Fortunately, it didn't last long and I am convinced that the short duration was in part due to your prayers. Thank you so much for being there when I needed a friend."

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