Told in a Dream to Follow Father Blount

saints & mystics Jun 25, 2022
Told in a Dream to Follow Father Jim Blount

A member of the Refugium Peccatorum recently shared her dream with me about Father James (Jim) Blount, and I thought it was very interesting and worth passing along. God truly speaks to us in mysterious ways! What follows is the explanation of the dream, in the dreamer's own words.

I know that God has been giving me some dreams, many of which I don’t understand until the time is right.

For example, while I was still away from the Church/extremely lukewarm but had recently “decided” for God and against modernism, I had a dream that I would not realize until 2-3 years later was God telling me to attend a specific church.

So I started paying more attention to my dreams, and one morning I woke up and knew I’d had a dream but couldn’t remember it. I was tired and groggy and it was like someone (probably my angel) said to me:

“Follow Father B from Colorado or Wyoming.”

I thought about it all day and there were 3 big problems with this advice:

1. I do not know a single priest whose first OR last name starts with a B,

2. I do not know a single soul from either Colorado or Wyoming, let alone a priest (I briefly considered Fr. Ripperger is in that area now, but he’s obviously not “Fr B.”), and

3. Why in the world Colorado OR Wyoming?! Why don’t you know which?! If this was from God it would not be confusing.

So, I let it go as my own weird brain machinations.

Then about a week later this video gets posted to my YouTube feed:

It was new. I had not watched it before nor listened to any of Fr. Blount’s talks because I wasn’t sure about him. He just wasn’t my “style” I thought.

I watched the video because of the title, wanting to be inspired (ok, I listened while doing housework). Then (at about the 27 min mark) he tells the story about traveling from Georgia to Colorado in an attempt to get to Wyoming.

[MF: this is a great story and well worth the listen! Perhaps this story has more significance than we now understand.]

So, either I am psychic, or that message about following Fr. B from CO or WY was legit!

Following Father Blount has been tremendously helpful. I have been having trouble for a while regarding receiving how to receive communion and I figured I was told to follow him and so I reached out and asked him. He responded by posting a video of himself doing a Mass. That, combined with a lot of prayer has helped me answer the question

It is nuanced, but God has recently put it on my heart that I should begin kneeling and receiving on the tongue even in my Novus Ordo parish, which takes quite a bit of courage and I’ll admit I get embarrassed. I’m literally the only one!

The answer I got, in a nutshell, is that God sees your heart. He knows your love and reverence for him and your situation. But, in a very real ”theology of the Body” kind of way, your words should match your actions. It’s a form of truth telling. So if I say "amen" with my mouth I should also say it with the rest of my body, unless there is a good reason.

I took the message also as a confirmation that the Flame of Love movement (started by Elizabeth Kindelmann) is legitimate. I tend to be skeptical, but now I have begun attempting the Flame of Love practices.

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