Stay Healthy: Our Lady's Immunity Drink

Oct 13, 2023
Stay Healthy: Our Lady's Immunity Drink

In recent times, warnings from divine messages have urged us to prepare for the onslaught of new diseases. Our world is going into a period of tribulation, and so we must pay extra attention to our spiritual and physical health. One such message of Our Lord, conveyed to Luz de Maria, highlighted the importance of fortifying our bodies:

"Pray, my Children, disease is progressing and will appear again: strengthen your body." (Our Lord to Luz de Maria on October 11, 2023)

Our Lady has recommended various herbal remedies and essential oils to fight off particular diseases. She has also provided motherly recommendations for the prevention of disease using raw garlic, vitamin C and ginger:

"As mother, I ask you observe, as part of your diet for life, the daily need to ingest Vitamin C, to ingest raw garlic or ginger daily." (Blessed Virgin Mary to Luz de Maria on March 12, 2017)

Amidst these warnings, I recently came across a natural remedy that incorporates Our Lady's advice– an antimicrobial drink harnessing the healing power of garlic, vitamin C, ginger and other potent antibacterial and antiviral plant compounds.

Seeking relief from an infection, I stumbled upon this natural medicine and decided to give it a shot. To my amazement, the results were immediate, and I felt significantly better within hours. Encouraged by this positive change, I have made it a daily ritual.

Here is the natural antibiotic and antiviral recipe, created by a non-believer, but nevertheless utilizing Our Lady's sage advice...

Antimicrobial Drink Recipe


  • 15 garlic cloves (allicin & 33 sulfur compounds)
  • 1 whole lemon (vitamin C complex)
  • 1 tbsp turmeric powder (curcumin)
  • 1/4 cup grated ginger (gingerol)
  • 1/4 cup manuka honey (MGO & hydrogen peroxide)
  • 1 oz extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil (to help you absorb the fat-soluble plant based compounds)
  • 3 oz apple cider vinegar (stimulates phagocytes)
  • 1 cup water


1. Place garlic cloves, one WHOLE lemon, turmeric powder, ginger, honey, olive oil, and apple cider vinegar in a blender.

2. Blend the ingredients until smooth.

3. Pour the mixture into a 16 oz jar and fill it with water, leaving 1/2 inch of space at the top of the jar.

4. Store the jar in the fridge. Over time, the drink will ferment, enhancing its effectiveness.

5. Drink a small shot daily.

This concoction isn't just a random assortment of ingredients—it’s a carefully crafted formula designed to boost immunity and combat infections. The garlic, a natural antibiotic containing allicin and 33 sulfur compounds, takes center stage, supported by curcumin from the turmeric, gingerol from the ginger, MGO and hydrogen peroxide from the manuka honey, and a very potent vitamin C complex from the whole lemon. The addition of the apple cider vinegar to stimulate phagocytes, and the olive oil for better absorption of the fat-soluble compounds, provides a wholesome blend that not only promotes healing but also strengthens our body's defense mechanisms.

If you're curious about the science behind this immunity drink and the unique properties of each ingredient, I recommend watching Dr. Berg's insightful video below. In a world threatened by new diseases, embracing the natural remedies created by God can help to fortify us against unseen threats. Let Our Lady's advice be your guide in the journey toward better health and a stronger immune system!

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