13 Top Resources for the Tribulation

tribulation Oct 06, 2023
Resources for the Tribulation

Feeling the need to prepare for tough times ahead, but not sure where to begin? It can be overwhelming to wade through all of the information out there. In this post, we'll share a handy list of resources that you can use in times of tribulation.

As you are probably already aware, it is likely that we are entering a period of tough times ahead. Trusting in the Lord–without fear!–that He will guide us through any tribulation, it is nevertheless prudent to make some simple preparations according to our means. Below, you'll find resources and information for various situations that we may find ourselves in during the months and years ahead.

You may want to bookmark this post because I intend to keep it updated as new resources become available. I have tried not to make this list too long, but rather to focus on the quality of the resources. I hope that this will help you and your families to be less overwhelmed!

Again, without fear, but with faith and trust in Our Lord Jesus Christ, here is a list of resources for times of tribulation... 

Homeopathic Medicine & Self-Treatment

1. Beyond Flat Earth Medicine by Timothy R. Dooley, N.D., M.D.

The author of this book saved my daughter's life when allopathic medicine failed. I highly recommend this book for understanding what classical homeopathy is and how to use it properly, so that you don't have to rely on hospitals when you or your loved ones get sick.

2. Homeopathic Medicine at Home by Maesimund B. Panoz MD and Jane Heimlich

I refer to this book every time a family member gets sick. We keep many homeopathic remedies at home, and using this book as a reference has helped us in choosing the correct remedy to use for various illnesses.

3. Fenbendazole for Cancer

This inexpensive drug (similar to ivermectin) has proven miraculous for people with cancer, even in the final stages. Researchers have known about its effectiveness in cancer since the 80's, but it doesn't make money and was not looked into further. From what I understand, it is important to follow a proper protocol to get good results. The Joe Tippens protocol has had good success (you can read his story here).


4. Doctor Berg

Dr. Berg has done extensive research and tells the unadulterated truth about nutrition. My husband has lost weight and we have all seen improvements in our health (and less illness) by following his advise. (Note: be aware he is a scientologist, although he doesn't talk about it in his health videos. Take the good of what he's saying with the awareness that  his worldview is not correct.)

Dental Health

5. Doctor Ellie Phillips

By following Dr. Phillips' daily teeth cleaning regimen, we have seen dramatic improvements in our dental health. 

Homesteading & Self-Sufficiency

6. School of Traditional Skills

Someday we may need to go back to living like our ancestors. In these online courses, top experts in each field will teach you the traditional skills we've lost in this modern age.

7. Back to Eden Film

If you plan to grow your own food, this is a must-watch film by a man who asked God to teach him how to grow his garden.

8. Heaven's Harvest Seeds & Emergency Food

We've used their seeds in our garden with fantastic results.

Heaven's Remedies

9. Humble Housewives Shop

Our Lady has told us about various natural remedies we can use for certain illnesses, and to prevent illness. I prepare these according to her instructions and offer them in my shop.

10. Humble Housewives Tribulation Guide

In this guide, I have consolidated Our Lady's recommendations into one place. I created this guide for those who purchase my tribulation kits, but I think it could be useful to anyone who needs clarity on what remedies they may need and how to use them. Keep this page bookmarked as I do keep updating it.


11. Our Sorrowful Mother's Ministry

Fr. Ripperger approves of this ministry which exorcises items (according to the traditional rite) and sends them to you with a suggested donation to help cover the costs.


12. Lumen Fidelium: Prayers for the Children of the Light

I compiled this book to have all of the prayers you might need in one place, just in case we have to mobilize or lose access to the internet. It is about the size of a bible and very comprehensive.


13. Catholic Curriculum List

There are so many resources out there for Catholic homeschoolers, but here is a list of some of the favorites that we use. This is another post that I will keep updated, so you may want to bookmark it for future reference.

That's it for now! Did I miss anything important? Let me know if you have a resource you think I should add.

I'm Mary Fernandez, a proud Catholic mom of five living in Kentucky. Here at Humble Housewives, I dive into the world of holy saints and healing plants, sharing ancient secrets to holistic wellness. Let's explore together!

I'm Mary Fernandez, a Catholic mom of five with a passion for history and ancient remedies. Here at Humble Housewives, I dive into the world of holy saints and healing plants. Want to stay in the loop about new blog posts?