Father Jim Blount's Retreat Schedule 2023 (Updated)

Mar 28, 2023
Fr Jim Blount retreat schedule 2023

Update 9/8/23: I have had a number of emails asking why Father Blount has had to cancel his upcoming events, so I'll address it briefly here. If you go to the SOLT website, you'll see an official notice which explains that Father is taking some time for rest and prayer. As I understand, Father is doing fine, but please continue to offer him your prayers.

On another topic, I would like to take this opportunity to caution you against false messages attributed to Father Blount or other priests and mystics. As a rule of thumb, if the "prophecy" sounds sensational, fear-based, or very specific in terms of dates and times, I would be highly skeptical.

Once again, let us continue to pray in complete confidence that God has everything under control! God bless you!

* * *

Looking for healing and Godly wisdom from Father Blount? Well, keep your eye out because he just might be coming to a town near you! In this post, I'll share what I know about Fr Blount's retreat and conference schedule.

I don't work with Father Blount, however I am a big fan and I get a lot of questions about where he'll show up next. Father Jim just has a way of inspiring people to grow in the spiritual life like no one else can.

Don't be fooled by his energetic manner of speaking. Father is quite charismatic, but he's also as orthodox as they come. He is clearly very close to Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother, and possesses many true gifts of the Holy Spirit.

I'm going to make a bold statement here: I believe Father is such a holy priest that he is like a Padre Pio for our times. So if you get the chance to see him, DO IT!

Now you're wondering where to find Father Blount. Well, here's everything I know about his schedule. Keep checking back because I will try to keep this post updated whenever I hear of anything coming up.

This is NOT an official schedule– I'm just sharing everything I know. Events are subject to change, and this list could contain errors. Please check the event websites themselves for the most up-to-date information!

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What does a healing service with Fr Blount look like?

Father usually travels with Padre Pio's cloak, a relic of the True Cross, and sometimes he has other relics with him as well. At a healing service, each person will have the opportunity to venerate the relics and be anointed with holy oil by Father Blount. He may whisper a few words of wisdom to you if the Holy Spirit tells him to do so. Typically, the anointing is done while seated, or with someone standing behind to catch you if you happen to peacefully pass out.

I need healing. How do I tell Father what I need?

Father will most likely ask that you do NOT to speak to him during the service because of how many people need anointing. But don't fret– in my experience, Father knows EXACTLY what healing you need without you saying a word. All you have to do is pray, hope, and don't worry!

I have a question for God that I hope Father can answer. How do I ask my question?

Again, you most likely will not be able to speak to Father. However, if your question is very important to you, then I recommend the following: before it is your turn to be anointed, ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you through Father. You may not receive a long, in-depth answer, but the words he gives you will be exactly what God wants you to hear. At that point, it's up to you to take those words to heart and submit to God's Will for you– He knows best!

Can I get in touch with Father some other way?

Father Blount's contact information is:

Fr. Jim Blount, SOLT
110 Aspen Drive
Covington, Georgia 30016


Event Requests: [email protected]

All Other Inquiries: [email protected]

If you have a prayer request, I recommend that you send a photo of yourself (or the person who needs prayer) to [email protected] so that it can be placed on Father's altar where he will offer Masses for your intentions when he is at home.

How do I ask Father to come to my parish?

Event requests should be sent to: [email protected]

Father Blount and his team will prayerfully discern each request.

I keep hearing about Father's events too late. What can I do?

A friend who makes a lot of pilgrimages once told me that Our Lady completely arranges all of her trips. Taking her advice, I have twice now asked Our Lady to arrange for our family to see Fr Blount for healing. Both times, she opened the doors to make it happen! In my experience, it really helps to pray the Memorare out loud, perhaps with your family or friends, right after assisting at Mass. If it is not opposed to God's Will, she will surely arrange it for you!

Does Father have any pilgrimages coming up?

I don't yet have any information about future pilgrimages with Father Blount, but Janet Moore has an interest list that you can join to be notified as soon as one is scheduled!

Click here to get on the interest list for pilgrimages with Father Blount and Janet Moore

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