A Prayer for Epiphany from St. Teresa of Avila

Jan 05, 2022
A Prayer for Epiphany from St. Teresa of Avila

On January 6th, 2005, an ordinary mother called Manuela from Sievernich, Germany allegedly heard the voice of Saint Teresa of Avila saying:

"Jesus, the divine Child, His sweetness and and sublime Majesty concealed from many, calls all nations to Himself. He wishes to give Himself to each nation.

"Adore Him, you nations, pray to Him the King of Kings. The Magi presented Him with gold, frankincense and myrrh. You, however, give Him your heart and adore Him!"

Then, she continued with this beautiful prayer:

"My Lord Jesus, contemplating lost humanity

You Yourself became man,

at the same time retaining Your divine Majesty.

Sublime Saviour,

I want to adore You just as the Magi did

when they found You.

Hidden Godhead, Lord Jesus,

I adore You with my whole heart.

I entrust my entire being to You, oh Lord.

I give You my whole life, King of Kings.

Pleading, I approach You, hoping

that in Your mercy You might accept my gift.

If You but reign in me, all my actions shall be

in Your honour.

I have nothing else to give You.

I ask You that my wretchedness might be transformed

in You.

When I gaze upon You and adore You Lord,

I am enriched.

I do not wish to adorn myself with worldly riches;

my soul desires to be adorned with Your love and friendship.

I adore You,

You will bestow on me the the pure gold of Your kingdom.

I adore You,

You will adorn me with precious jewels,

the virtues of heaven.

I adore You, Lord Jesus,

You will look at me and put divine jewellery on me, the jewels of

eternal faithfulness.

I adore You,

though I am poor, You adorn me and

provide me with the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

I adore You, my Jesus,

kneeling before You, wretched, unworthy

yet precious in Your eyes.

Your wish is for you to be wholly united to me and me to You.

I adore You, unending, utterly self-giving Love."

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