Our Lady: "Continue to Pray for Donald Trump"

Nov 10, 2020
Our Lady Continue to Pray for Donald Trump

"Now is not the time to give into discouragement."

These were the words of our good pastor to us last week (his full message below).

He is right. Now it is more important than ever to continue to pray and fast for President Trump and the U.S. election.

Remember that prophesies are not set in stone. America is not doomed to fall... unless we fail to pray!

In my recent post, I shared a number of alleged messages from Heaven offering a great hope for our nation (even after the antichrist comes on the scene).

I also shared a dream I had recently about the power of prayer.

Now I would like to share some recent messages from Our Blessed Mother about the election.

She tells us that there is still great hope for our country, but everything depends upon our prayers and sacrifices...

"Pray and continue to pray for your President, Donald Trump, lest satan enter the White House to destroy your nation!"

Blessed Virgin Mary to Anna Marie, November 7, 2020:

"My dear one, it is very clear that the citizens of your country are very upset and angry about this stolen election from your President. However, you and all others must continue to pray and ask my Beloved Son to step in and reveal the evil for what it is and who is involved.

"My Son is 'TRUTH' and His virtue of truth is a gift to all citizens. So now you must demand truth from your Courts, elected Officials, and those who played an important role in this continuous attack against your President, Donald Trump. You may call your Representatives in Congress, demanding swift action and support for the honest truth on 'HOW' the wicked servants of evil were able to perpetrate this illicit theft of your Election Process.

"Then you must pray, pray for your chosen President, Donald Trump. Pray for anyone who was involved in stealing the votes to come forward and reveal how this evil took place and by whom. Those involved must receive public exposure and the Law of your land must ensure immediate punishments to ensure they never again commit such evil.

"Pray children, pray and beg my Son for mercy, and strength for your President who is very tired of the many evil and wicked attacks he has endured. Donald Trump is my beloved son, and a very righteous man. With God, all will be exposed and brought into the light so pray children of America and all Apostles around the world. Pray and continue to pray for your President, Donald Trump, lest satan enter the White House to destroy your nation! Your loving Mother Mary, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary!"

"Exert your prayer efforts that your President is successful in exposing Satan’s plans."

Blessed Virgin Mary to Maureen Sweeney-Kyle, November 7, 2020:

“Praise be to Jesus.

“You (Maureen) have asked Me, so I will tell you. The election results are illicit and do not reflect the heart of this nation. Nefarious efforts worked in the background to undermine the Truth. Exert your prayer efforts that your President is successful in exposing Satan’s plans. The soul of your nation needs to unite in this prayer. Much is at stake nationally and internationally.”

"If you continue to pray, fast and sacrifice for the 'Truth' to be revealed over your country’s election, your Heavenly Father will do so!"

Our Heavenly Mother to Anna Marie, November 8, 2020:

"My dear one, continue with your holy prayers daily and if possible, say more and more. Plead to our Heavenly Father to end the riots in your streets that have been organized by the demonic servants of the devil.

"My children, if you continue to pray, fast and sacrifice for the 'Truth' to be revealed over your country’s election, your Heavenly Father will do so! Remember what my Beloved Son said, 'Ask and you shall receive.' I know your anger and confusion over this election is great, but be in peace. Turn to my Son and repent over your sins. Yes, even your anger over this election must be resolved through seeking my Son’s forgiveness through Sacramental Confession.

"This must include anyone who either now or who prior to this election has cast their vote for anyone who supported abortion. This sin WILL NOT go unpunished by my Divine Son. Living in denial that your vote did not matter when voting for someone who supports and publicly announces their support for abortion MUST BE PUNISHED! You are then guilty of committing these abortions yourself. How many innocent babies were murdered in the womb during the duration your chosen Representative was in office? Four years, twenty years, forty-seven years? You too will be held guilty by the Justice of our Most Holy Divine God and Father. Seek Sacramental Confession before you suffer the consequences of your sinful inclinations to serve evil."

"This nation (USA)...will not succumb to the evil of the One World Order and therefore, the control of the Antichrist."

Blessed Virgin Mary to Maureen Sweeney-Kyle, January 1, 2020:

“Praise be to Jesus.

“Dear children, the Lord permits that I should come to you, today, on the Feast of My Holy Motherhood. Today, marks the beginning not only of a New Year, but of a new decade. It will be a decade of tumultuous events – both nationally and internationally. God’s Holy and Divine Will will be manifested in many ways. The distance between liberalism and conservativism will increase and continue to divide good versus evil.

“In this nation (USA), there will be new threats to national security. Good will be betrayed. Sinister plots will be revealed just in time, as the decade wears on.

“This nation (USA), however, will not succumb to the evil of the One World Order and therefore, the control of the Antichrist. Change will bring about a conviction of consciences.

“This is the decade when it is most important to discern correctly good from evil, as Satan’s instruments will rise to power clothed in goodness.

“Prayer, especially the prayer of the Holy Rosary, will guard you against error in your choices.

“As always, I am your Motherly protection.

“I have enfolded in My Mantle this nation (USA) and will lead it away from the precipice of destruction. Stay close to Me, that I may guide you in every decision.

“Pray the rosary daily, as it is the weapon against every evil.

“I will bless your efforts of prayer with the power God has given Me.”

Concluding Thoughts

Many voices are telling us that the election is already "all over" or "it doesn't really matter who wins" because America is "doomed" to fall anyway.

This could not be further from the truth.

Remember: Jesus told us that those who follow Him would be persecuted.

So what does the election fraud tell us? That satan most definitely does NOT want President Trump to be re-elected.

I will continue to share messages from Heaven for Americans as they come out on my Instagram.

For now, I'll conclude with the rest of the message from our pastor, Fr. John Lyons, on November 6th, 2020:

“Now is not the time to give into discouragement.

"Now is the time to redouble our efforts for the sake of our nation. Fortunately, we possess an infallible weapon (if used by sufficient numbers of people). That weapon is the Rosary. Pray it as if your life depended on it, because it might very well.

"Encourage as many people as you can to pray it for our nation. If you can pray more than one Rosary a day, do so.

"Together with the daily Rosary, offer some daily sacrifice. For example, abstaining from something you like to eat or drink, or giving up some entertainment.

"Perform at least one act of mercy every day – be it corporal or spiritual. Prayer, fasting, and almsgiving have always been the means by which God’s favors are won.

"God bless America!”

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